Introducing "Talking with the Stars"

Some people reach for the stars: others talk to them. In "TALKING WITH THE STARS", Vicki Johnson reveals her lifelong desire to do both -- and she did!

In this book Vicki relates the inside story of the sparkling Hollywood that was part and parcel of her life.

TALKING WITH THE STARS gives the reader a unique view of Hollywood from the inside, revealed by a lady who the stars admired and trusted.

It is a must read for anyone interested in the untold stories of Hollywood's fairy tale kingdom.

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  1. Hi Vicky, I am an attorney representing Ray Sarlot and Fred Basten, authors of "Life at the Marmont" published by Roundtable many years ago.
    I would appreciate your contacting me to clarify some matters that have come up as to this book, the rights to which appear to have reverted to Ray and Fred long ago. You can reach me at (310) 552-6024 or Mark E. Kalmansohn of Kalmansohn & Andersen, LLP. Thanks for your attention to this matter. Mark